Please help! Sick goat kid


Sep 24, 2018
Central Texas
I had another forum on here but no one responded and he has gotten a little worse. I messaged someone and they told me he may be going joint Ill/naval Ill and a long list of medications I need. I would really like a second opinion before I put a bunch of medicine and money into him.
Here is the info about the goats:
We got three bottle babies on Wednesday and I first noticed the issues on Friday. The other 2 kids are doing good.
They are all around 6 days old
From what we know they all had different moms who could not produce milk for them or had mastitis.
I feed them kid milk replacer by manna pro.
It started with his back right leg and is now both back legs. After favoring the right leg his back left hock became swollen. I did some research and I thought it was a weakness/Deficiency and I read selenium could help. I have not seen any improvement since I gave it to him yesterday at 4:00 pm. I’ve been helping him up every time I feed and making sure he uses the bathroom. He is now straining to pass a bowel movement and it is liquid with a drop of blood in it.
I really don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t want to give up on him but he’s not doing good. He can’t get up on his own and his breathing is getting louder. I just want to help the little guy. He tries to get up and he’s still eating.
@CapricornFarm can you help here ?
This is not a problem I have encountered. So a vet is the preferred option. However, one dose of vitamins is not going to suddenly work. I always give sick goats a drench, one part karo syrup, one part corn oil , and one part molasses. About 3 ccs is what I usually give. Also the goat electrolytes you can get are helpful to mix in with water.
So the kid is straining to defecate? I would also continue to give vitamins. Is he eating well?

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