Please help : Tight leg band stopped circulation in foot of 02 weeks old chick

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May 10, 2015
I am the worst chicken keeper ever. i have 02 week old baby chicks. I used leg bands for identification of breeds (my bad :( ) Chicks are of different sizes due to different breeds.
On one of the chicks it went too tight. I realized it after 12 hours and instantly removed all of therm However damage was already done. After 03 days now, one of the chicks feet is swollen and toes are curled. He/she does not feel any pain when i press the toes.
There are some blisters as well. Other than that he/she is fine and quicker than other on one foot.
Has any body experienced this before?
Will foot fell off completely? :(
What can i do? (no vent in my area)
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I'm sorry no one responded to your post earlier. This is a common occurance with leg bands. Many people purchase chicks with leg bands embedded, not knowing what is wrong. The important thing is that you discovered it before the leg fell off. Treating the area for infection by cleaning it with betadine or other antiseptic, and applying a plain antibiotic ointment twice a day, such as Neospiron would be good. Epsom salt soaks to the legs would be soothing each day. Only time will tell if the tissue heals and the circulation/nerve damage heals or improves. Here are a couple of pages of threads about this issue that you can read if you wish:

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