Please Help! what to do if outside humidity is 70% when incubating eggs?


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Sep 12, 2014
Hi all,
Thanks in advance for your advice. I live in uk and the humidity here is 70% outside and in my room where my incubator is. How would this affect my hatch and should I lower the humidity? if so how?
Thank you
Hi:welcome Glad you joined the flock. Do you have a hygrometer to put in your incubator? Not sure what kind of incubator you have but depending on what you have it may not effect it. I'm in UK too and have my Brinsea octagon advance ex on at the moment and the humidity is not bothering my incubator it's holding a steady 45%. If you have hygrometer and it's reading too high take some water out by using absorbent cloth. Just make sure you give it an hour to settle to get a true reading before adding or taking more. Hope this helps and good luck with your hatch :frow
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thanks for your input. I have a home made incubator with a thermostat holding at 37-38 degree Celsius. would I be better off not using a water pot in there and just having it dry? as with water pot inside humidity will go up 90%!!! thanks again for replying
I had the same problem this hatch and turned on a dehumidifier in the room, and also put some dry rice instead of water in the water pots. Use a hygrometer to figure out when you've lowered the humidity enough, or you could measure egg weight loss like I did - probably not for this hatch though since you don't have a starting weight.

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