Please help with a sick call duck!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LALADY1101, Jan 31, 2012.

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    I saw 2 of my call duck drakes fighting with another call duck drake. They were in the pond so I was not able to get to them. They appeared to be trying to drown the drake. Now the little drake that they were attacking is not doing well at all. I initially put him in the avairy by himself; but when I got home yesterday, he was sleeping in the water and I was afraid that he would drown. Both of his eyes are completely crusted over and shut. I'm not even sure that his eyes are still there. I tried to wipe one of his eyes and water poured out of it. Will ducks peck the eyes out of other ducks or could this be respiratory from them holding him under the water? i brought him inside and have been putting vetx under his wings and in his drinking water. He's pretty lethargic as well. He will drink if I put his beak in the water, but he can't see well enough to get to the water bowl. I'm afraid to wipe his eyes for fear of doing more damage. I could really use some advice! TIA
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    Oh, wow.

    There is a forum on BYC for emergencies, you may wish to post over there as well.

    Yes, things can get ugly between drakes especially during breeding season.

    Can you contact a vet? This is quite serious.

    Put some vitamins/electrolytes in the water you get him to drink.

    He will need some very intensive care. See if you can get a backup, at least for a couple of days.

    Warm clean baths are a good idea. There are medicated eye drops, see if any feed stores around you, or even a vet's office can help you with those.

    He is likely in shock, so eating is not something he is likely to do. But if by tomorrow he doesn't start taking food, you need to get something into his water with nutrition and calories in it.

    For today, clean, quiet, safe, and under watchful human eyes.

    And see if you can get more help over at the emergency forum.
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    Sorry you and the duck are going through this! Offer him drinks often since he is drinking on his own.
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    I've used a medicated eye ointment called Teramycin on my birds... it's not "approved" for use in ducks, but then, there's not much that is! Anywho, I've used it in my ducks and chickens with no ill effects. It's the consistency of vaseline, so it's a little tricky to actually get into the eye itself, but it'll take care of any infection. I use the medicated ointment in the morning and night, and use plain saline eyedrops as needed throughout the day to help flush everything out to keep those terrible crusties from gluing the eyes shut!

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