please help with adding 2 new hens

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    Jul 16, 2008
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    about 6 months ago i got a Ameraucana rooster to add to my 3 australorps and one ameraucana hen. he took to them right away and has been a wonderful rooster. my 1 ameraucana is his favorite so i decided to get 2 more to even things out and give sami a break. they have been in sight, somewhat, of each other for about 2 weeks now with no signs of aggression from anyone only a little curiosity, but when i put one down in the run he charged at her using his spurs. i stopped him from doing any real harm but he still wants to charge when they are close to the fence. these poor new girls only want to be part of the group and keep trying to join the other hens. what can i do to get him to accept them? how much fussing/fighting should i allow? should i separate him and let them join the other hens first? he really is a wonderful rooster to the others and completely non-aggressive to humans. i was really hoping to breed him with these new girls as he is red, white and blue and the new girls are one white and one red and blue. thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    I'd separate him, and let the ladies get acquainted. then he might be more willing to accept them... also consider taping his spurs so he can't do much damage... (I wrap some gauze around the spur area and use fabric tape or masking tape to secure)
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    Best bet is to take him out for a while and introduce you're 2 new hens in with the rest. Let them get accustomed to everything first. He's feeling like he has to show extreme dominance over them and treats them like intruders. Take him out, put them in for a while and then re-introduce him back in. That way, he'll hafta start over with all you're hens. Good luck
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    I would put them together and kinda watch, but try not to interfere too much. They will work it out. Last week I got 6 grown hens, and they are big girls. I had 2 silkies and 3 EE's and 2 little silkie roosters which I put all together. At first all hell broke loose. My 2 little roos did not like the big hens and they didn't like the roos. My other gals just stood aside while the roos and the new gals fought it out. It looked bad watching such little roos getting whooped on by thes big girls, but they were relentless. On the next morning everything was peaceful and quiet..Unbelievable, everything has been great since then. Somehow they work it out. Even though it looks scary to us, I would say just leave it go and let them work it out. Good Luck
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    I kinda hafta agree and disagree with marymac (not trying to be mean here). They will work it out after time, no doubt about that. but if you're anything like me, you want to make it as painless as possible. There's no feasible way to stay out there and watch and break up any and all altercations that will happen. I suggested the separation due to reducing the stress on you're hens and the roo. Case in point, RIR roo vs 3 Sex link hens(i had new) I had this happen to me not too long agao and the RIR roo did the exact same thing but i wasn't there to stop it in time. He did major damage to one of them and the others were in somewhat shock over this. I took him out for about 2 weeks but kept him in view of the hens, when he was put back, there was a little bit of squabling but it worked out in a less than a day. He had to work his way back up again in the order and the hens let him know that. (even the one he brutalized) IMHO, separate him for a while and see how it goes. hopefully it'll work out for you like it did me.

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