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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by RedBugPoultry, Jan 24, 2012.

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    We hatched these 2 blues this past summer and have now been offered 2 hens from a friend to go with them. I do not know how old the hens are but I do know they are older than 3 years and have reproduced in the past. Can anyone tell me how they will do with our boys? Will they be able to breed this season with our boys? Or will ours even be interested?

    Also, can a person use Ivermectin on peafowl, and if so can you put it directly on the skin like you can with a chicken? And if so how much? We use 3 to 5 drops under the wing on our chickens of Ivermectin, injection type, with good results.

    Oh, and one more--is it all right to feed black sunflower seeds to our peafowl? Are they too high in protein? We feed our guineas "BOSS". Can the peafowl have this or is that a good idea? Right now their main diet is lay pellets.

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    They will not be of breeding age untill thier second full year, so they have a while yet. You wouldnt get fertile eggs from the hens next season unless you get an older male too. not sure about the wormer question, deerman would know though!
  3. You can use the Ivermectin on the skin, but it is does not seem to be the preferred method for peafowl. With peafowl, my thinking is that if I caught them and are holding them down, why not treat orally?
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    i used invomec pour on , 1 cc per grown peafowl....on the skin, only 1/2 cc is needed but i use 1 cc because the feathers soak up some..

    jbourget is correct the hens will lay, but your males will be to young, males need to be 2 yr old.
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    Yep you can feed your peafowl sunflower seeds. I feed mine sunflower seeds all the time and they gobble them up like candy.

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