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Feb 28, 2011
I built a homemade incubator from a 75 gal fish tank an i have a acu rite digital temp/humidity thermometer, a regular stand up house thermometer and a cooking digital thermometr that cost 80.00 i wanted to know what temp is accurate or what kind i should use they all say something diiferent except the 80 dollar one it says 99-100 at yolk height i have hatched in hovabators but the all crapped out on me so i made my own would use my old thermometer but its broke.
Eggs waiting please help. thanks new member
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Sorry I'm no help, I am just having the same issue with multiple thermometers saying drastically different temps (up to a 3 degree temp difference between them and they are all egg height within inches of each other). Interested in what the solution is. Good luck!
You need to calibrate the thermometers. The ones I purchased have the probe wire attached. What you do is fill a glass with crushed ice and then fill it with cold water. Let the water stand for about 5 minutes to stabilize and then put the probe in the water. It should read 32 degrees after a little while. It took mine several minutes to adjust. If your thermometer reads 33 degrees then your thermometer is 1 degree off. In this case your incubator temp for a forced air incubator would then be 100.5 and not 99.5. Hope this helps.
ok thanks everyone i think its close i am trying the ice idea now an my eggs are going in to night does anyone know if it is ok to incubate different poultry types if u use a seperate hatcher i got turkey eggs,goose,duck,and chickens of course.
You can calibrate your thermometer to 32 degs in an ice bath and to 212 degs in boiling water. Make sure it is not touching the side of what you are using to hold water. The tip of the thermometer should be in the center of the water. .........stan

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