Please help with these photos....


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Jun 10, 2009
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Helllooooo chicken world... we are very new to all these chickens, started small and that did not last long... please help us figure out what sex and what the heck are they, these ones are around 9-10 weeks old.... thanks!!!







thanks for the help....
looks like all roosters besides the black one, which is possibly.. The first one im not sure on the breed. second one looks like a cross, Black one im not sure, 4th looks like a cross, and the last is a production red (Hatchery rhode island red.

Where'd you get them from? That would help in identifying them.
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WOW... not what I wanted to hear, all roos...
but I really have not been able to understand the 'art of sexing' these birds yet... so many different techniques and most are not a sure thing. My husband and I picked up quite a few of these guys at an auction when they were a day old. We probably shouldn't have been so gracious in taking them all, but I wasn't happy seeing where they could have gone... we took over thirty... now its sorting them out as their growing and we need to seperate some of the roos.... we are just so new to this.
Thanks for any help... I am going to try to get photos of five more and see what you all think. Thanks again... we will learn its just going to take some time.
Robin'sBrood :

I think (certainly no expert here) that #1 might be a Golden Lakenvelder cockerel. Check out this thread for more pics...

I think #5 might be a New Hampshire Red cockerel (aren't those saddle feathers I'm seeing?) I say NHR because I have what could be his sister in my coop right now.

Well see, Laken velders don't have beards. and they have slate legs while he has white..

Then there's he is a bit too dark in the coloring/The coloring is in the wrong places to be a lakenvelder. He's closer to that of a D'anver bantam in color+ with the beard, but would still need to be cross to get that big/have white legs..

The other one could be a New hampshire but is too dark in coloring, So he would probably have rhode island red or something in the background to make him that dark.. Which is why i said "Production red" (Hatchery rhode island red)..

You can look around on feathersite and read up on the breeds. It'll help a lot in guessing them

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