Please help world's worst plucker :P

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by patandchickens, Sep 28, 2008.

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    May 24, 2008
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    I dipped mine periodically in water while plucking the feathers, and rubbed the pinfeathers loose underwater--they just rolled right out. The birds that we pithed were WAY easier to pluck than the one we didn't. I was really shocked at how easy the plucking went, especially for my first time. I was able to get the birds "naked" in about 5 minutes.

    I did scald briefly first, but in hindsight, I'm not sure that was even necessary on the pithed birds.
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    Morning Everyone,
    I start off with soap in the water, which seems to help cut through the oils. I also don't leave the bird in the water for a predetermined time, but to agitate the bird, and sampling the feathers. When they come off without a problem, then I start plucking. What I'll do with the "quill tips"?, is I'll use a sharp knife and place it between the skin and quill. With my thumb, I'll hold the quill on the knife and roll the knife. To me it's a fast process, it's sort of like shaving without the cutting. I'll end up with a few that I'll "pop" out like a pimple.
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    I am so glad this little thread is here. We are goping to be butchering in late Nov. and I sure am gleening alot of info. here on how to get those aweful pinnys out that I've been reading about.
  4. Singe off the pin feathers with a small propane torch!!!

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    I think most people are getting confused about the difference of pin feathers and broken feathers
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    Quote:yeah I may not cut the bird but ive sure manage to slice my thumb a few thousand times,
    but im kinda like a bear with boxing gloves on anyway
  7. Quote:Can you give them a Brazilian Wax? [​IMG]

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    what is a Brazillion wax? what kind of wax do you use,? seriously.....

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    I have a large pot that I scald my chickens in that allows me to totally submerge the chicken. I get my water no hotter than 130° then pour it into my pot which will cool it down just a bit when it goes into the room temp pot.

    I then put the chicken in head first and hold it under water by it's feet ...swishing around just a bit...until all the feathers are good and wet and it will stay under the water buy itself.

    Remove the chicken and pluck the feathers; they will rub out with slightest push of the fingers...clean as a whistle and no pin feathers.

    I have to admit that I wear latex gloves to do all this...I'm a big sissy and I can't stand the idea of plucking a chicken with my bare hands. I think the gloves also adhere to the feathers better than skin.

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