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Apr 3, 2015
I have an egg that was abandoned by my broody, I rescued it a few days back as she repeatedly raked out her nest and refused to sit. I moved it to a incubator that has 9 eggs one week into set. The lone egg has started to hatch but seems to be struggling with the low humidity level in the incubator to suit the one week in eggs as the membrane is dried out and maybe sticking to the chick. Should I raise the humidity level temporarily or would I risk killing out my 9 healthy 1 week along eggs to save this one bird? What do I do?! Thank you for any help you can give!
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Thanks guys, I've added some water to the bator and put some antibiotic gel on the membrane. Fingers crossed, these chicks are all i have left from my favorite chicken, my rooster, Penguin since we lost him to a predator week before last. That's why I caved and bought the incubator, thought I should have a backup to the hen to be sure I got at least one descendant from him
He's staying in his shell, peeping on occasion, and wiggling a fair amount, but not notably progressing in his hatch... Thoughts?
I just had one that had pipped yesterday and only partially unzipped and was stuggling here is what I did. It finally hatched after I decided I couldn't stay awake any longer lol

used warm water and a q tip and moistened the exposed membrane and left it in the incubator.


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