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    Jul 22, 2015
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    One of my hens has a swollen eye and cant see out of it. Shes a BB and shes one of my sweetest chickens. Any advice on what to do? I tried to get pictures but she wouldnt stop moving.
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    Any other birds showing ocular or respiratory symptoms? Is she having any issues with the other eye?

    If it's only her and it's just the one eye, it's likely an infection. I'd recommend applying Vetricyn to the eye twice per day until it clears up. Usually Vetricyn alone will do the job - however, occasionally oral antibiotics will be required. The best place to get these is from a vet. There is a common antibiotic available at feed stores known as Oxytetracycline but it is designed for respiratory infections and diseases and really won't be very effective at treating an ocular issue unless it was caused by an underlying respiratory disease.

    Swollen, oozy, and bubbly eyes can be a symptom of contagious respiratory disease. If no other bird is developing issues its very unlikely that is the cause of this, but I would recommend keeping an extra close eye on your other birds just as a precaution. Look for typical "cold-like" symptoms, like runny noses, coughing, and sneezing, as well as respiratory sounds such as rattling, wheezing, or gurgling, and any other birds with swollen or gooey eyes.
  3. x2 That looks bad...Poor chicken.
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    Have you seen any fowl pox scabs on your chickens? Does she have any peck marks around her eye? Does she smell bad? Is there any sneezing, coughing, chest rattles, wheezing, or gasping?
  5. x2 Hope everything works out....

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