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    My daughter just purchased goats for the first time, we are excited but want to be sure to do things right. Not sure what the kid is but the door is a laManacha.1 She looks o us that she is under weight (her spine and hip bones are very noticeable).2 How can we know if she is ok? 3how often should we give grain? We were told she is about a year old he looks like maybe week or two. Thanks
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    It's normal for a dairy breed doe to have some bones showing especially after kidding, and especially being younger. I would be careful feeding grains, she could be fed some. Did the person you got her from have her on some? All dietary changes should be made slowly, especially grain. So start with a handful a day and slowly increase a bit each day if you want, I would find one formulated for goats, otherwise I have used sweet 16, but I personally have always let my does and kids fatten on summer grass without any grain as feeding grains and rations improperly can kill goats.
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    Check with your feed store, large animal vet, ag extension, to find local goat club. American Dairy Goat Association has website and can help find locals. When you join ADGA you get membership directory which lists name/contact info/breeds state by state. [​IMG]
    Try Googling 'dairy goat body condition scoring' and should pop up hot to do. Two things kill a goat fast are predators and parasites. A goat't digestive tract has surface area much larger than a cow. I have been told 150# Goat can carry wormload compared to 750# cow. Also because goats evolved in desert/alpine regions they had little exposure to parasites.
    If you pull down goats lower eye lid and it is nice and rose pink, OK. If it is pale/white and/or jaw swells you have a soon to be dead goat. Barberpole worm, hoemonchus, is worst as it is a true blood sucker.

    Think of goat as a walking fermentation vat. Provide a good 'horse quality' hay in an appropriate feeder. Goat picky and will not eat stepped upon feed. If you feed hay About 30 minutes before you feed grain so rumen is filled you avoid digestive upsets. They browse like deer and mine fee range eating roses, honeysuckle, grass, poplar, etc. Just ensure you know what is toxic and remember a hungry goat is risk for poisoning. Be especially careful of yard landscaping as a lot of it is toxic.

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