Please help!


Jul 20, 2016
Boss, Missouri
My dog attacked my duck today. He has bite marks on his neck and back and they're quite deep. He can barely hold his head up and when he does he wobbles. He takes a step and almost falls like he has zero balance. Please help
I agree with CTken - photos would help show the extent of his injures. Your duck is probably in a state of shock which would also cause his "wobbliness . Please put him in a darkened, quiet place to help him recover. Since he probably has deep puncture wounds - be sure to keep check that he doesn't get an infection. If he did he would need proper antibiotics. Please know if you go off line there is no way anyone here can reach you. If you haven't received any response by morning, I would advise you take him to a vet.
Thank you so much.I have him in my room right now. I live nowhere near any vet and definitely nowhere near an exotic animal vet.

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