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Aug 24, 2018
I posted a similar problem but it's changed and I need advice! We integrated a rooster with our hens a couple of weeks ago. All went great with all but one hen. She acted like she was being hunted for murder every time he came even close. She would hide in the coop and run like mad when he wanted to court her. He danced for her, gave her food, and even just started leaving her be. Well today all that changed. He saw her under the coop and made his move. It was the first time he mounted her. She was beyond devestated. She has been in the coop ever since looking all violated and upset. Will things change now that he mounted her or will they just get worse? Thanks so much....


5 Years
Oct 4, 2016
As longs as the rooster isn't hurting her (Drawing blood, pulling substantial amounts of feathers) she should be fine. Often if a hen was the Alpha(top hen) of the flock, she'll take a while to warm up to a new flock member, especially a rooster, as he dominates over her in the flock. Someone on BYC(or the BYC facebook page, I can't remember) actually butchered their new rooster after he chased the hens(in an attempt to mate with them) only to later learn that he wasn't bullying the hens, he was just doing his job.
Make sure there are plenty of places in the coop and run for her to hide, whilst she gets used to the new addition.

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