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    I have 6 rhode island red hens and all of a sudden one of them is acting really odd while all the others are perching and asleep this one is just walking in the same exact circle over and over for the past 4 hours I tried puting her up on the perch with the others but she has no balace and just falls. She is twisting her neck very oddly and cant even sit still or rest in the hen house. Does anybody know whats going on please get back to me a as soon as possible so I can know what to do and whats going on!

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    Also search "balance" "paralysis", stuff like that.

    Neurological symptoms like that can have many causes; trauma, stroke, toxin, parasites, viral, bacterial, nutritional, etc., etc.!!

    I know that people have been advised to look up "botulism" and "Marek's disease" (!!!!!!) with similar symptoms...

    I would definitely seperate her in case it is something contagious like Mareks, and give her basic supportive care. (heat, food, water with pedialyte or vitamins, keep her confined/calm so she doesn't thrash herself around, etc...).
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    I think you should treat with vitamins Poly-vi-sol..and the link to browneggblueegg..
    does sound like Wry Neck/Crook Neck

    is this poor hen able to eat?
    if she is not eating..the condition is getting worse due to lack of nutrients..
    separate her to a warm safe place where you can easily care for her.

    she may need to be force fed and given water and vitamins by drops on beak.

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