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Apr 1, 2010
I am stuck. I was posting about breaking a broody. She was in a penned off area for 24 hours and thought she was broken...thought I had one of the few quick to break brooders. Come to find out I didnt. She has now made a new brood area in a new box.

Now...I have all but 1 of 6 chickens sleeping in boxes, not sure yet what their intentions are, but they NEVER before slept in boxes always in the perch.

Not only that but now I have one that is acting broody in the run. Its not completely fenced off, (all but top are fenced) but she is open to predators if they can jump the fence. I will be taking care of her tomorrow, but if she is brooding out in the run and I take her in the hen house, how do I keep her from running back out when I let the other hens out if they are not brooding? Also, they are ALL acting weird. I have changed NOTHING since I have had them and they are about 8 months or so old. Should I pen them all up for a few days away from the boxes? I am very confused and stuck as a new chicken owner. Please help me with this problem. Thank you all.
Well, I don't know if I can help you, but here are some suggestions. Can you close the boxes at night before the hens are suppose to roost? That should make them go back to the roost. Are you taking the eggs from the broody hen? Also, you might put her in a cage with water and food and no nesting materials. And no eggs...she will just have to sweat it out. I really don't know much about breaking them. I think my grandmother use to give them a bath.

As for the hen in the run...coons and such can climb over the fence or dig under.
Each day is a learning experience.
I really appreciate it. What I think Im going to do today is move the hens that are brooding into a pen which arises me to a new question, can I put more than one brooding chicken into the pen? I would have 3. and it wouldnt be a huge area. Maybe 5 feet by 3 feet. Is this big enough you think? I will have the the 3 of them penned off for a few days, and I will watch the other ones to see where they are sleeping. If they are sleeping in boxes I will find a way to block them off.

Another problem that I have found is that there are no eggs under the chickens that are brooding in the boxes. I gatherd all the eggs in the morning and they are still brooding. Do chickens give off a hormone? They are brooding in 2 empty boxes, but those boxes are the 2 most popular previously for laying? I dont know I dont know what to do. Im lost and its getting frustrating. I new I would have run into issues along the way, but not all my chickens acting goofy all at once! Thanks for your reply I will just "trial and error" it.

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