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Jun 10, 2012
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this is a chick i bought it's supposed to be a RIR X Buff oprington but I'm not sure can you help me?he/she is 12 weeks old
below:also a pic of him with a blue australorp and another one that was supposed to be a australorp but looks like some sort of cross between an australorp and something else.

Below is another pic of him with the blue australorp and the golden one is also supposed to be a RIR X Buff orpington.

Please comment if you have an idea!
Thank you very much

Here are some more pictures;

Here's one of my black australorps

Here is my balck star hen that came with the shipment next to her is a blue australorp and the supposed to be RIR X buff orpington:

More of my blue and black australorps.I was wondering if you can maybe tell me what breed the white one is?

My black australorp cockerel with black australorp pullet.

More of the RIR cross and the white one I don't know what breed it is and two blue australorps.

A photo of a red cockerel i'm not sure what breed he is.

RIR cros hen:

All comments are welcome thanx!!;)

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your first pix is pullet. if you cross ri red to buff orp you will get some of each color and a variety of reds from golden to dark red, it is a gene thing. either way you have some beautiful birds. where did you get the blue astralorps? i love my lorps they are they best layers and at least one a year goes broody and raises me babies.

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