Please Help!


7 Years
May 8, 2012
Weston, WV
I have a 7 month old Buff Orp., Jenny. I noticed this morning she is very lethargic not moving on her on, can stand and walk but not wanting to. We are in WV and the cold has set in and with the time change not as many light hours so I have went from 4 eggs a day (4 hens) to 1 egg a day (hard to tell who is laying. I don't think she has laid in atleast a week, she gives us very large double yolkers, and I haven't seen one in a while. Her bottom is swollen I think, just below what I believe is her vent and her tail is down. I have ready alot of the links describing ascites and egg bound, not sure where I should star. I do not have a local vet that cares for chickens. I am a pharmacist and do have some medical knowledge so any info could be helpful. I love my Jenny please help!
Thanks, she laid yesterday (pretty sure it was her
) she was acting much better today. She was out ranging with everyone else. I will definately keep an eye on her the next week or so. Thanks so much for the replies, I was so worried yesterday!! On the up side she did get scrambled eggs and yogurt as a treat yesterday and today. Again thanks for your replies!

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