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Jul 11, 2013
My 11 year old got her first birds. We were told it was 6 month old bantam EE's. I have a friend that keeps saying the hens look like game birds which I am not fond of. Please help.
With bantams is it normal for hens to b about the same size as roo? I've never had any. I do LF.
Usually the roo's a bit bigger but I've had a boy the same size as the girls before, though it could be because they hatched at different times of the year. The girls in spring and him in late summer/autumn. It varies I would say, but yes, usually their bigger.
Agree those look like bantam EEs, have had quite a few from McMurray that look exactly like that, a lot of them do not have muffs or beards, almost all do lay blue/green eggs though. The boys are a little bigger than the girls usually but not much, not nearly as much difference in size as there seems to be in the standards.
Very pretty boy, he is going to be quite handsome when he gets fully feathered, that red is really going to stand out. Good luck with them and hope the girls lay lots of nice blue eggs for you.

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