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    Sep 20, 2007
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    My dads only hen (she lives with mine), is acting very strangely. She moves super slowly, didn't eat this morning, and is standing ruffled up looking just plain miserable. She goes to the nest box everyday, but when I go to receive the eggs hers aren't there. Also, this morning I saw her poop out a lot of clear and green liquid. Do you think she is eggbound? And if she is, is there anything I can do for her?
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    There are lots of post on eggbound chickens. I'm givnig you a bump.
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    Oct 3, 2007
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    How's her crop?

    Can you bring her someplace away from the chickens (so if she is sick, she doesn't give it to everyone else)?

    Are you giving her any treats to eat? Will she still drink water?

    Good luck to her and please keep us posted
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    check her crop.
    if she hasn't been eating, it should feel empty, or flat.
    feel for any lumps or grainy feeling.
    she could have a sour crop, or an impaction.

    in case you don't know about the crop..
    it's a little sac near the bottom of the neck, at the top of the breast slightly to the right.
    it will feel like a little sac..

    check your other hen to compare.

    also..check her mouth and throat for whitish, gray, or yellowish sores, or plaque.

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