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Jan 14, 2009
Hi! I have a mystery chicken. He (?) was a packing peanut that we decided to keep because he was a lot darker red than all the others. I assume he's male (packing peanuts usually are, right), but I'm beginning to wonder. He's half the size of the SLW cockerel we got in the same batch. We thought he might be a RIR, but his coloring isn't turning out like that. He is about 2 1/2 months old. Please let me know what you think.

And just for fun, a group shot of my SLWs with the cockerel up front:
I'm beginning to suspect his a baby, his little spiky comb looked like all the other packing peanuts who turned out to be boys. But it's not getting much bigger, and he's not getting wattles. Hmmm. Odd that they might toss a female in as a PP. you say...he is looking more like a she, especially compared to Argent, my SLW cockerel of the same age, who has a nice bright rose comb and wattles coming in.

I'd actually be thrilled if he was a she, but we'll have to change his name. We named him Seamus (Shay-muss), an Irish boy's name. haha.

Anyone else wanna chime in?
it looks like a RIR.
But it can be a golden comet too, hmmm
The reason I have doubts about his RIR status is that he still has so much buff mixed in. Online, all the RIRs I could find were tending towards very dark, not light. He looks like a sex link to me...but what sex?
Oh lord, I'm beginning to suspect he's a female Red Star. Hahaha! Might have to change his name!
looks like our RIR fluffy! I'd post s pic, but I don't have access to them... when my daughter "thechickengoesrawr" gets home, I'll have her post them. He's lighter than his siblings that we also have.

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