Please let me know what you think about my chick !!!!

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9 Years
May 30, 2010
Northern California
We got home last night and one of our chicks got out of the brooder on was on the tile floor. I'm not sure how long she was down there by herself. Probably between 2-4 hours. Luckily we got home and found her before the dog did. Anyways, I put her back in and she seems very lethargic. She barley keeps her eyes open. I dipped her head to get her to drink some water. Do you think she will bounce back or is she not going to make it. She is maybe a week old. I am stressing. Any advice would be appreciated.
She may just need to get warm. I read a post on here about a person who left a chick in their car in the garage overnight, and in the morning they thought the chick was dead. After holding it and allowing it to warm up, it woke right up. Keep her under the brooder lamp and observe her. This may be all that she needs. However, if your brooder stands tall, and she fell down to the floor, she may have internal injuries. Just keep and eye on her and try to get her to drink. Time will tell. Good luck!
you can laugh all you want but take her if she looks like she is dead and put her in your hands and blow long and somewhat strong breaths on it for 3 to 5 minutes and put it in a warm bator or brooder. A lot of time I find chicks that mom had lost on the cold dirt and looking dead but when I cup them in hand and blow over and over on them and pop em in the bator I get around a 90% living. Good luck!


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