Please post pictures of your recycled material chicken run - but not coops :)

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    Does anyone have close up pictures of chicken runs made from reclaimed/recycled lumber? A really old house next to me was torn down and I was given some 2" x 8" sixteen foot long lumber. My run will be about 13' x 10' for 7 chickens, although they will generally free range.

    I will have mesh wire skirting on the ground to prevent predators from digging and lay concrete pavers on top of the wire. Treated ground posts will be used for the corners with the 2" x 8" boards attached for framing. The bottom boards will sit on the concrete pavers to prevent ground contact. Welded wire will be used for the run walls. I will probably nail a couple of boards across the top along with some welded wire to keep out flying predators.

    There is a tree nearby for shade and the chickens can get under the coop also. The bottom of the coop will have a mesh wire skirt and be covered with corrugated sheet metal.

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