Please share your 'too hot outside' fixes!


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May 27, 2009
Hot-n-humid farm!
My two Pekins are really panting it up outside. They have pools and will get in, and fresh water, but will not stay in the pools. They have shade, but the heat index is 105. What do you guys do? Sprinklers, bring them in???

Just looking for good examples to see if I can give my guys relief.

I put ice in the pool for my duckies, they play with it and eat it plus it cools them down. They also adore their sprinkler. It is one of those little flower ones, they will stand under it and play with the water. They are almost always in the shade. They hardly pant at all so I am guessing what I do works for them. Hope you find something that your ducks like!
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Thank you! Last year they liked the 'mist' setting on the hose, so I will go look for a small, misty-type sprinkler. We have a larger aviary under construction, so hopefully we can get all of this worked out in the next month or so. I just went out and dumped/refilled their pools, and hosed down the entire area (oooo, mom made mud!). Since we are expecting rain in another hour, that should hold them... they are both happily pool splashing.

I like the ice idea as well. One of my silly problems is that my larger Pekin, the one who is most hot, HATES a dirty pool. So while I don't mind refilling every day, that is going to be an added chore. I could get away with three-four days when it was cooler. My smaller one doesn't care, as long as it's water.

We have a huge sprinkler/waterer out in our pasture for the horses. Now I get to relay to DH that we need a duck sprinkler!

Anyone else? What do you do to keep your ducks cool in this nasty, muggy heat? As we get this aviary underway, I would love to see/hear ideas.

I keep thinking of the misters at amusement parks!

Keep the ideas/pics coming.... thanks everyone!
You can find the misters on a strip at walmart. They have several spray heads on one strip and you can mount them to buildings or fences. Look in the toy section under water toys. All you need to do is attach a garden hose to the end of it. That should work for those unbearable heat days.
I am knew to ducks right now. Since I do have other animals I have created easy ways to keep them cool. Fortunately my ducks are very happy in their pool. They do not get hot since it gets shade in the afternoon. Luckily the water stays cool. I have straw on the ground around the pool but normally it's all rootmat and sand.

For my chickens? I should say broody chickens right now...... I have a fan running for them in there coop. It seems to help a lot. I have a huge fan for the horses. It's in the barn with there round bail of hay and water. I usually hose them down too. The dogs? They steal the ac vents on the floor of the house.

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