please show me you most unique chiken. i need some help. thanks. cole.


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May 31, 2010
i am building pens on the outside of my coop for more room. also so that i can get more birds. so its a win win situation. anyway i was thinking about getting birds so that i could have my own little egg buisness going on. i want unique birds, not birds like barred rocks, buff orpingtons ect ect. dont get me wrong i love those breeds also but, i want more unique birds that i can auction there eggs for more. if you can understand that. ill go and do a search as well but if you could please help me out and post pictures of your most unique breeds then i would very greatly appreciate it. thanks. cole.
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Apr 2, 2010
Sullivan, IL
Unique and marketable are two different things. Sapians are unique, but I doubt there is a very big market for them as it seems most people who are getting into chickens these days are looking for laying hens and are more interested in the heavy, dual purpose breeds than the game birds. Mixed breeds are about as unique as they come...just like with mutt dogs there's no telling what you'll get and repeating the breeding doesn't guarantee that you'll get more babies that look like the ones from the last hatch. But they are not at all marketable (you'll be practically giving their eggs away). Your best bet is to do a little footwork and see what is popular in your area and go from there. As to being able to auction the eggs for more, that has less to do with unique and more to do with fads. What is selling for big bucks this year may not be any more exciting (or fetch higher prices) than barred rocks or buff orps next year. Being able to auction the eggs off for a higher price also means you have to have not just desirable birds, but good quality birds too. So whatever breed(s) you decide to add, be sure to do your research and get good quality stock to start with.

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