Please tell me she's not a roo


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5 Years
May 18, 2014
Springfield, Missouri
I only have 5 chickens. All were supposed to be hens but then Lucy the silkie started crowing and now she is Rocco! This is Reba! She is about 4 1/2 months old...hatched the beginning of May. Recently her comb has gotten much larger and she isn't aggressive at all but she's not exactly shy when it comes to food. I'm scared she is a he. Thanks for your help
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Oh thank you! I can't stand the thought of getting rid of any of them but I read that too many roosters can be hard on the hens and I really don't want two guys crowing in the back backyard neighbor already has three roos. They all get going and make quite a noise. I love it but the other neighbors, not so much.

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