Plucker Fingers


5 Years
May 23, 2015
I'm looking into building my own chicken plucker but there are some things that have been missing in my research.

I want to pluck ducks, geese, chickens, and turkeys. I'm going to be making something similar to that of a whizbang but just much cheaper. (I'm making plans right now...won't be making it for awhile tho.)

While I've been looking things up I've never been able to get a good number of fingers I should be using for my drum style plucker. I know it's more than 50, but I don't want to waste money on fingers I just don't need. Also, I'd like to know what brand of fingers I can use? I love Kent C-25 and they're USDA certified but they're the same time, I don't want to use other brands that aren't usda certified that could kill me in the long run.


11 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Hillbillyville, MO
I'm going to build one myself. I have the fingers (can't remember where I got them), some pulleys and bearings, and the motor. I want to do exactly what you want to do and while I can't help you I'll try to remember to let you know how it went.


8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
Central Maine
I've been happy with the Lewis Products fingers I used to make a drill plucker, went with them since I knew they were made in the US and thus not some poisonous Chinese material, and were cheap on eBay.

As far as the #, the whizbang plates take 125. What you'll need is dependent on the size of your drum and how well/quickly you want it to work. You'll want to space them such that there are no gaps in contact in a rotation.

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