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Thanks for the feedback and discussion / ideas!

We want to limit the reactions to VERY specific and distinctly separate emotions. There shouldn't be any ambiguity in what a reaction means. This is why we will always have a very limited set of reactions, but a larger variety of emoji's.

That said, there are some reactions we might consider adding... like one that conveys "care/support" and "informative".
This is the benchmark we use with regard to reactions (and also to an extent with smileys)

Regarding a "question mark" reaction: My reply to the idea of a "confused" reaction is the same:
We probably wouldn't add this as it's more appropriate to reply to the thread / post with a specific request for more information / details and specifically what about the post was confusing. Just showing confused doesn't really help get us to a better place of understanding.
If someone insists that they would rather use an image to express confusion or a question vs. a more specific "Sorry, I'm confused, could you help me understand what you meant by xyz", then using a smiley would be a 2nd best option:



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Apr 22, 2020
He understands that, but he has already stated that he does not want a confused reaction because it makes more sense to use your words.

If you want to react with a ? or a confused face, you can reply and put in an emoji expressing the same thing.
Okay, that's that then. Thanks or letting me defend and express my point.


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Jun 21, 2020
It made sense at first to have a question mark reaction, but as I’ve read through, I think it does make more sense to simply reply. Leaving it at a question mark would not benefit the situation, as it couldn’t explain WHY it was confusing, and couldn’t help get to further understanding.

I think that the ℹ reaction, could be helpful. The informative reaction would be like a flag that encourages other people to read it. I


Oct 13, 2020
Hi all (especially mods)!
I was wondering if you could add more reactions to this site. I am on another forum that is pretty similar to this one and it has a ton of good reactions that come in hardy all the time. Here is a picture of the reactions:
From left to right: Like, Love, Haha, Cool, Agree, Wow, Sad, Informative, Clapping, Optimistic, Hug, Welcome, Creative, Thanks. View attachment 2380255
I think that it would be helpful if you guys could add some of these. Agree, wow, and thanks are very useful. Thanks for hearing me out!
Just a ♥ would be good to add! I feel awkward using 😍

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