Plz help! I have a sick chicken and was told to give tylan 50


Mar 18, 2018
This morning, i noticed one of my hens not acting her normal self. Her name is Berta.
When i let my chickens out of the coop to clean , she stayed behind and kept to herself.
I noticed she has diarrhea and a fever. I was told to give Tylan 50 by injection but it comes in this big bottle.
Does anyone know the correct dosage to administer?
This is Berta. Her feathers are fluffed and i have checked her upside and down and thought she had an egg stuck. Thats not the case.
She is now separated from the rest and is inside in a separate cage.


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You may give Tylan 50 injectable orally or by injection into the breast muscle, but orally is preferred for safety. Dosage is 0.2 ml per pound of weight, given 2-3 times a day for 5 days. It is used to treat bacterial respiratory diseases such as MG or coryza, and in some intestinal infections.

I would take in a sample of her droppings to look for coccidiosis or worms. The Tylan would not treat either of those. Corid (amprollium) is commonly used to treat coccidiosis.

In your picture, the crop looks like it could be large. The best time to feel of it is early morning before they eat. If it is full, firm, doughy, or puffy, there may be something wrong, such as impacted or sour crop.
This is her now. Her crop feels pretty normal. Her feathers are fluffed. Still not eating or drinking water.
I called a vet but he was supposed to had returned my call and hasnt yet. So idk what else to do.


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