PLZ HELP ME ...what is my roo...


10 Years
Nov 9, 2009
hey ya'll...i have this problem & i'm seeking help with wanting to know what breed my roo is..i bought him last march from tractor supply in lake charles.the lable said he was a bantam.but i'm trying to find more like him since he is such a wonderful roo.his name is gizmo & he is the god father of our acres i tell ya.he is soo loving & so smart.any replies would be so grateful.i've never owned or raised chix be4 so i have no clue what breed to look for or how to begin.i took his photo back to tractor supply hoping they would help me,but they said he looked like a campine roo.thats why i used the user name campinefever.but after researching that breed i'm not sure that's what he is.i know he is under 3 pounds in weight.thank you all so much..
Looks like a Silver Campine
I think they have white earlobes though
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Like DAMARISGW say Campines have white earlobes.Your boy has red.I checked and found that Ideal Hatchery sells Old English Game Bantam-Silver Campine Patterned ( Golden too).I think he is OEGB.
Yep, he is probably a Silver Campine. Remember, if you got him from a hatchery, he is not "pure" so he may have differant colored earlobes. I have a Golden Campine Hen, she is such a darling. Now here i am, pining away for a silver campine in my room... lol! Now i want one, hens only, please! He'z a cutie.

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