Pneumonia in a micro call duckling


13 Years
Mar 1, 2010
E. Central, MN
First chipmonk cheeks - sinus infection; then the barking/head bobbing - pneumonia. Vet treated, sinus infectrion went to air sac, pneumonia; put on liquid Baytril. No response or change after 72 hrs. Vet says it takes at least that long for reaction. Now have Baytril tablets crushed & liquified by vets. This is far cheaper than the liquid. I've dabbed vicks under wings & behind head & a tad on bill to aid in breathing.
Question is: has anyone cured a duck/duckling of pneumonia? Am I dealing with an incureable infection? Is there hope for my 3 month old micro call duckling weighing a mere 6oz?
Chipmonk cheeks...that is a good way top describe it.... But sadly with pneumonia as well, your young duck really has a huge fight ahead if it is to survive. Years ago I rescued a number of ducks from a market that had the check puffing - some I found early enough- one sadly didnt make it. Brendan saw 4 different vets- including an avian specialist- but in the end- the swelling from the infected abscess in this respiratory track started growing inwards and started to block his windpipe. Everything I researched at the time said the condition was fatal - but that was based on people not taking the animals to a vet for treatment- or giving up too soon. Harvey was one duck I did manage to save. It was a very long process , but he is still alive today and a very happy and healthy boy.

I have Pm'd you a link some further information about Harvey that you may find helpful- or at least give you some hope for your own special little one.
Just wanted to wish you and your duckling the best...I dealt with some sort of terrible infection in one of my parrots several years ago and a huge amount of money and three months of treatment later, I still had a bird that I had to put down. My personal opinion is to do what you can but keep it reasonable...don't spend past what you can afford to. I was beginning to feel as if I were personally bankrolling someone else's acquiring of vet wanted to have me bring the bird in for surgery, starting at $3K and without even seeing him yet! This is exactly the sort of thing why so many of us have to be our own best resource...

Let us know how it goes, because even the smallest thing that may seem trivial at the time may be valuable for someone else's situation, and then if your duckling does pass away, it may not be in vain.

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