PO lost entire feed store chick shipment!!! **Found, healthy, happy***


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Oct 27, 2007
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I was just sick when I heard the news this morning. I went to the Track Shack to buy a few chicks and was given the news that they never arrived!! The poor babies were shipped out 3 days ago, and Linda at the store was just frantic about them. The hatchery (I think they use Privett) says they shipped out, but doesnt know anything after that, She told them to track the shipment, but as of 11 this morning no news.

I just feel so bad for the little babies! I keep hoping someone stole them and is giving them a home, or they made it to another feed store or something, but the whole thing just makes me sick!

How does the post office loose a shipment of hundreds of vocal peepers??

Thanks for listening!
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Thats all I have to say about that... :thun
OMG! The same thing happened with my local TSC store and I think they were from Privett too. They got the chicks at the end though.
That is exactly what happened to us last week and they use Privett to. We had ordered some Jersey Giants for Austin and they were due in on Thurs. Well, I guess they sent our feed store's order to Southern CA and theirs to our feed store. The feed stores just decided to switch orders and stuck them in the mail again and they didn't get here till Saturday. I was really hesitant to buy them cuz I thought they would be weak and dehydrated. But they were fat healthy and running around. So now we have Garfield and Odie.. And they are both doing great. But Holy Cow, that is insane!1
Bluehenlover has a post of missing chicks...4 day olds now. They ordered from Welp's, who I had also ordered from this year, and cancelled this week. The gal I talked to said they were coming from NM (Privett's I'm assuming) and last year, my order from Welp's was postmarked NM....Apparently Welps *only* has the cornish x broilers in Iowa...anyway, Privett's seems to be having some issues, with hatching and shipping. My order that I cancelled, got delayed until April-I called tuesday to see if it had been shipped, was told it was, and then got a call a few hours later (from welps) saying their supplier said it had *not* shipped...

BHL is still missing her chicks tonight, as far as I understand
I went to Privett's website yesterday, and they have website ordering disabled right now....
Thats awful. You can't just lose something like that...its making noise! And mostly likely lots of it too!
Any word on them getting them yet?
Hmm..well I'd be checking the postage dates on these boxes once they arrive b/c the hatchery is blaming it on the P.O., but if they chicks are arriving healthy, it sounds to me like the hatchery is *saying* they are going out, but aren't really getting out in time at all...
Just want to insert my 2 cents that paying extra for faster delivery (if that option is available) is really worth it when it comes to these guys...I'm learning...

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