Point-of-lay attitude


9 Years
Jun 29, 2010
The Lakes Region, NH
Hello! I have a BSL who is almost at her POL (huge red comb, wattles & face, lots of squatting). In the past week I've noticed she's become quite aggressive. She not only pecks at her flockmates, but me as well. She's not the alpha hen, and twice this week she took out a chunk of feathers from the lowest pullet in the pecking order. They free-range and have plenty of space and food. Is this typical behavior? Will it subside when she starts laying? Thanks for your help!
Well, as a human female I sure blame a lot on hormones...lol...so I'll blame your girl's nasty disposition on that too for right now
I don't recall any of mine getting b*tchy at that time, but I'm sure they're all different. Now I do have a little witchy poo GLW who is snippy all of the time, and tends to get worse when it's time to lay. So once again, I have to think hormones play a part...

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