Poison Hemlock Alert

We have plenty of Poison Hemlock around where I live - western Missouri. Also an abundance of Queen Anne's Lace or wild carrot (VERY close lookalike! but perfectly safe), and Yarrow (also similar). I've been educating my grandkids on how to identify and tell the difference. We even had the wild carrot with our dinner recently :)
I wanted to add another warning about this plant, now invading places that include Michigan, Ohio, and who knows where else.
The best article I've seen so far, with lots of pictures and advice, is bygl.osu.edu/index.php/node/1996
Please look it up, or just google this plant, before you get in trouble where you live.
Thanks for posting the link. I did NOT know that the sap can be aerosolized by cutting with trimmers, lawn mowers, chain saws, etc. --- and can still KILL you by breathing the aerosolized sap! I will be more careful now.
Today I revisited that hogwort, and it might be another similar (also toxic) plant instead.
And the second year hemlock is about to flower, so must get it out FAST before it sets seed. Again.

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