poked on or sick?


Jul 26, 2016
Quebec , Canada
I went to feed the hens today and saw blood on the ground. Only 3 hens were outside and seem OK but the other one was in the coop. Missing feathers on her *** and when i put her back with the others they started to poke her in that area.Her poop is half liquid and half solid. I don't know if she is getting poked on because she is sick .Or sick because she is getting poked on. Sometimes her eggs are soft.

You need to separate the hen that is being pecked in a crate or pen. Use some Nustock on her bare spots. Look her vent area over for any damage or wounds, and apply some plain neosporin ointment to them. Make sure that she hasn't suffered a prolapsed vent, where the insides come out. Pecking can lead to cannibalism, and many times it can be caused by overcrowding, not getting outside to free range, or not getting enough protein in the diet. Are you feeding a layer feed that is at least 16% protein?
I don't let them free range because of my dogs but my coop is 5'x10' and i only have 4 chickens.It's my first year at this. I don't know what a prolapsed vent is.
I took her Inside in a dog cage With food and water.Also cleaned her butt with warm water and some preparation h.How long should i leave her there?And what else should i do?
Can you place her cage in with the others? She can go back with the others when her vent looks like it is better, not red. BluKote spray from the feed store can be sprayed on her skin where she was pecked. Keep an eye on her when she is back with them. The quicker she goes back, the easier it is, but they can attack her again. Watch for a bully, and separate her if necessary to lower her rank in pecking order.
She spent just over 24hrs Inside. Her bottom seem better but she's very week.I don't think she's gonna make it. right now she's outside of the coop.she's the only one outside the coop.I also separated the one responsible for all the pecking.I am sad a bit because like i said i don't think she'gonna make it

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