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    I'm wanting to get some fun looking chickens and am thinking of these two breeds among others but am looking for layers do these guys produce a fair number and size of eggs? are the boys the only ones that look real fun and showy? thanks i've never been tempted by out of the ordinary chickens buy the BYC's on here make everything addicting...


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    Jan 14, 2008
    Polish were bred to be layers & there are some strains that still lay well. If laying is your primary goal, along with appearance of course, you'd probably be better off with Polish from a hatchery. People who breed for show purposes rarely pay attention to laying ability as a selection factor.
    Frizzle is not a breed of chicken per se. Frizzling is a genetic anomoly & it can be bred into any breed. In other words you could make a Frizzled Leghorn, a Frizzled Old English Game, a Frizzled Dominique, etc.
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    My large fowl white crested black Polish are very good layers of a medium-sized white egg during the warmer months. They were bred for show, but they are some of the most productive birds on my farm. Though NYReds is right, most breeders of show birds are paying attention to type, not productivity. I guess I got lucky with my lines. [​IMG] There are plenty of Polish breeders who have frizzled Polish (as in, bred to the standard otherwise--not mixed breeds. I think I saw that you posted a WTB ad on the Buy-sell-trade forum? You can get pure Polish that are frizzled, you don't have to get mixes) though you will find them mostly in bantams (not great for laying hens). There are large fowl frizzles out there, though, just might take some digging to find them. I would suggest shows. You might luck out and find the bird that looks like you want w/the laying ability you want. Or, you could start with Polish of good laying ability and add the frizzled gene.

    I only have smooth Polish, but I find the hens to be quite, showy, too. I have some pics on my web site of my fancy-yet-productive Polish girls. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Good luck!
  4. Girls are also showy. Their crests are just a poof, rather than dread-locks like the males have.

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    I too am interested in Bantam Polish Frizzles. I've seen them on the internet (Pinterest) which is how I found them and fell in love. Some people on BYC seemed surprised to learn that pure polish come frizzled in a Bantam. Is this something relatively new? I know Polish have been around for a very long time and their origin is not absolute. Have you seen Bantam Polish Frizzles on the BST?
  6. I bought my frizzled polish rooster from a byc member that lives near me. His byc username is DANNY. He has great looking birds. Hope this helps.

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