Polish baby not eating

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Jul 31, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Hey all, it's day 2 of our new Pol.ish and new silkie in with the 4 wk old silkies. I did the "rearrange then put the old guys in with the new ones already there method"

Not perfect, but manageable. The meanest older silkie is in the big boy box with the 7.5 week old BO pullet (temp coop). Enough to put a lil scare into him, but not exactly a monster in there
. He was pretty rough on the Polish's legs and head and...well everything. My roomate and I had a laugh about "racist chickens" but is it really possible they pick on the Polish due to being differnt? The Silkie baby is much more accepted though not entirely.

The Polish baby doesn't seem to eat a lot and is showing signs of weakness now (the older ones would peck at the legs) so I put him in a separate box in the brooder with tons of feed in it. I take him out every now and again to dip his beak in some water. I've caught him eating some, but am still a little worried. Any other thoughts?
Sounds like he needs a boost. I would give him 3 drops of PolyViSol (Enfamil brand infant) vitamins (NON iron) daily for a week, directly into his beak (not down his throat). Also give a teaspoon of yogurt, mixed with a half of an egg yolk (boiled egg) in his feed or in some cooked oatmeal, mixed into a mash. Do you have electrolytes you could put in his water? (Gator aid will work in a pinch) See if that will encourage his appetite.

ETE: It may help if you put another chick or two in with him, so he has a friend.
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Electrolytes in the water have been helping. LOTS of progress, but I still put her with the other baby in the "food box" every now and again, just to make sure they get enough. have to admit it's been working out well...now just to see how Mr(s). Mean Silkie acts when (s)he gets back in the brooder on Tuesday...

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