Polish bantam screeching, not clucking?


Aug 10, 2016
Hi all, my polish bantam has never clucked or make "normal" chicken noises. Instead she screeches constantly. And I mean CONSTANTLY. In fact it's driving us mad, and getting worried our neighbours will start to complain!

Here's a link to a video I took of her cry.

Any ideas why she is doing this, and any help to try to change the behaviour would be great! Thank you in advance!
Hi there & :welcome

For polish that is quite normal. I have 8 of them doing that with a couple that are even louder that literally screech :/

I'm afraid I've found no way of stopping this and they are just a chatty breed. Trying to keep them as entertained as possible is the only real option.

Lovely little polish you have there :love
Thank you!
So glad to hear that it is normal.

Yeah she quietens down when I let her out to roam the garden - so I guess it is just a matter of making sure she's out nice and early before she wakes up the neighbours!!
Yeah mine do it for attention or treats! They have it all figured out and know how to get what they want :lol:

Trimming her crest can help too so she can see better. As polish have the big crest and their vision is often impaired, I feel they need to chatter more to communicate. Just a thought that may help.

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