Polish chicken head pecked up pretty bad, need advice


9 Years
May 30, 2010
We added two new chickens to our flock the other day, one is a polish. The chicken seemed fine and healthy when I picked it up but then I noticed it wasn't adapting to our environment so we kept an eye on it. By the end of the next day we noticed that the chickens head had a quarter size bare pecked up spot on the top of the head and the chicken was hardly moving. She seemed to be shaking a little in the head neck but no body movements. I read on another thread that someone had cleaned the wound with saline and applied neosporin so we did that right away. We have isolated her from the other chickens and had he spend the night in the garage for warmth. Today she is moving a bit more but she still doesn't seem to get up and walk around just squats leaning forward and moves her neck some. Can't tell if she is eating or drinking, though she has had one very loose BM. We want to do the right humane thing here and hope she will heal and recover but don't want to make her suffer if she is beyond recovery. Can't help but wonder if she has brain damage at this point. Please help me out with advice and info if you have gone through this before.

Thx, Debbie
Thank you for the information. I am sad to report that the little polish chicken was killed last night by, we assume, raccoons. We had her in a smaller cage next to the chicken enclosure so that the other chickens wouldn't continue to peck her as she healed and something ripped her piece by piece right through the small openings in the cage. I am just sick about the whole thing... **** raccoons have worn my last nerve. 2 weeks ago they killed two RIR that were free ranging during the day and now they get this one through the metal wire of the cage. 3 hens down in 2weeks time. :-(

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