Polish getting crest pulled out. Please help.

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    In my flock I have 1 polish rooster ( the one who is being picked on) 1 silkie rooster, 12 other various breeds of chickens ( all female). I have had this problem before and I had fixed it with aloe vera and it stopped for a while. But I went down this morning and my polish roo was bleeding again. I immediantley cleaned the wound and put on aloe vera and the put him back in with the others. I dont want to seperate him because then they would have to go through pecking order again and that was a nightmare and I dont want to put him through that again. I have also tried the vicks vapor rub and grape juice powder and that doesnt work. I dont think that it is the silkie roo that is picking on him because they were both raised with each other and are best friends. What do I do?[​IMG]
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    Do you know when it's happening? Like is it happening when they're on the roost? If that's the case, I'd try going in and strategically placing him off to himself a bit after dark. You could try penning him separately with a buddy, within your current run or coop for a while (not deal with reintegration issues). You could keep his crest trimmed really short, see if that helps. That's about all I have.
    This is a common complaint I read about when most chickens in a flock are non-crested breeds. Maybe the waving fronds of head feathers are just too much to resist - resembling worms or something??? Good luck! Do keep a close eye on him though - if he was bleeding that's not good...attracts more unwanted attention.
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    My barred rock hen LOVES to peck the feathers of my polish roo. On the perch at night, I have seen her feasting on the feather stubs that are trying to grow back. I never had this problem until they went from free-ranging to being in a coop (bc they were going in the neighbors yard, long story). Anyways, he is in a separate pen until we put up a fence next week, hopefully his crest will grow back nicely. It was so pretty before.
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    Thankyou everyone, i talked to my g-ma (old time crested chicken farmer)[​IMG] she told me to mix vasline with the stuff that you put on childrens fingers to keep them from sucking their fingers, and it seems to be working. By the way i did cut his crest short because it looked rediculus with his bald spot.[​IMG] hope it works.[​IMG]
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    Hope he gets better soon [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thankyou CrestedGirl. Also thankyou to all else who helped [​IMG]
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