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    Don't know if I should post this question here, or under the Polish thread.... We got a 3 month old Polish hen "LOCO" about two months ago, the first night she was with us, my older hens (6 months old) pulled out most of her top knot and her head was a bloody raw mess. I really didn't think she'd live, but she did and she's thriving. During her recovery, we seperated her into her own coop - for her own protection. They all get turned out together and seem to get along, except Loco will definitely avoid the roost ruler.... Do you think they will ever be able to share the same coop? Hate keeping two coops and worry about the up and coming winter.

    Secondly, Loco will not go to her home at night, period. We find her all over the back yard, sometimes roosting, other times nested in the dirt. She's been in the same place for two months now, what can we do to get her to go home on her own? Thanks for the input!!
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    I think your roost ruler needs to be in time out for a few days - when she returns to the flock, she won't be the boss anymore. If she starts up again on the polish, then you have to decide which to keep and which to rehome. or keep them apart from each other. Not really fair for the polish if only the one hen goes after her and the others accept her.

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