polish thread?

Polish Thread - It just doesn't get updated much, as most people who have Polish just have hatchery stuff, and don't show it off. I myself don't show my flock there much because the only birds worth showing off are my Tolbunts.
(no offense to my hatchery girls, but. . . they're hatchery girls)
Hi. I just bought a Silver laced Polish & a Blue naked neck polish on Sunday. 3 or 4 months old .I am so thrilled with them. I have wanted a few differant polish. wasn't sure how I like the looks of a naked neck, but this girl is beautiful. I love her & my silver lace is 2 die for. she is a total beauty. I have not shown really have no plans to. I have only had chickens 4 a yr. 1/2 . have several banty breeds & 3 NH reds. I want 2 get a buff polish & mayB another type polish. I'll post a pic at some point. I have been 2 busy watching them

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