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    May 2, 2008
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    well I trimmed my polish yesterday.. and one.. well lets just say I am not a hair stylist by trade.. not even close. I thought I had finished looked at her and saw that she was a little lopsided so I cut a little more of the other side. well that is a down hill spiral needless to say I even cut the top not just the sides..


    but now they are running around trying to bull up to all the hens, the dog, the baby, me, just about every thing they can see.. I think that I even disrupted the pecking order.

    This is what they do someone can tell me if they are bulling up..

    They put their head down and run up to what ever (even the lawn chair [​IMG]) get up to it and stick their head way high sometimes fluffing out their feathers a little and then get real still.. almost like a staring contest. Lasts for at least a min or two and then head goes down running to the next object.

    I will try to get pics especially of the butchered one..
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    Hehe - maybe it's because they can see now?

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