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    This auction is for 1 rhizome. I have 3 large cuttings that are ready to plant/sink. The winner can take 1, 2, or all 3. The price will be the ending bid * the number the winner wants.

    The rhizomes are nice and large and can be divided further. The last one I put in the bucket could be divided into at least 4 plants.

    The flowers are either white or pink. Most should be the whites. These are not marked, so I have no clue which are which until they bloom. These can be weighted and placed in a dirt bottom pond or potted and put in a solid bottom water garden. They do best in 2-5 feet of water. These are WINTER HARDY as
    long as the water is deep enough to insolate from ice.

    Last year pictures:

    Shipping: actual from 28655.

    Payment: I will accept a Postal Money Order or Paypal. If paypal is used the buyer will need to add $1.50 for fees.

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