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    One of my hens has an excessive amount of poop build-up on her butt. I noticed this a couple of days ago, but was hoping it would clear itself off. Well, it hasn't, and I'm wondering if she might need a little help. I was on the lookout for pasty butt when my girls were chicks, but I guess I just assumed that they didn't have this problem as adults. She is acting fine, and doesn't appear to be bothered by it, but I don't want the area to start festering. Should I be concerned about this, and how do I go about cleaning her up?
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    Sep 4, 2009
    If it's near her vent, you might want to examine it closely to see if there are lice eggs or mites. Otherwise, I just use a warm wet washcloth to "steam clean" my chicken's butts when they get dirty. And here's another recent thread about the same topic, you might get some ideas about what you can do:
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    My Orps. had dirty behinds this past spring. I had one of my boys hold them while I carefully trimmed it off. Haven't had an issue since. [​IMG]

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