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My poop board is about 2.5' deep and 5.5' wide. It is also close to the roosts to maximize the usable space underneath. Recently I saw a "shrub rake" and bought one. It is an excellant poop board scraper. It is about 9" wide and works wonderfully for cleaning the large area. It also has a shorter handle so it is easy to use inside the coop. Essentially, this is a kid sized version of the large green, plastic leaf rakes.
my poop board scraper is a 12" drywall "knife" - the large scraper-looking thing used to mud over drywall tape. it's about 5" deep and has a nice handle. my poop board isn't large, but this makes short work of the job.
I had heard about the drywall scrapers, but my problem is reaching the back edge of the board without getting poop on your arms.

It is also very convivient that the perch outside the nest box is exactly the right height to hold a 5gal bucket to receive the scrapings.
Keep an eye out for wide-bladed hoes at garage sales and etc. That's the traditional implement for what you describe

I just have a single roost, so use the drywall-taping knife approach. I am finding I need to replace them every 2 yrs or so, though, as the acids from the manure just rot right thru the cheap metal
(Possibly others who actually CLEAN the thing after using it on the droppings board may get more service out of theirs, of course!)

We were using a drywall scraper too, but last weekend we turned our poop board into a sand box. We just take a kitty scooper and fling it out the pop door.
My poop board is 36" x 8' and covered with pcs of heavy plastic sheeting and I slide each sheet out and curle the edges and most of the droppings just fall into a bucket and I use dust pan to scrape whats left and slide sheets back under roost. Fast and Easy and my hands stay clean!
Mine is a 'poop slide'. I used metal, angled it down and curled the exiting end so all the waste exits into a bucket. It takes about 10 seconds and about 1 gallon from the hose to clean it. No shoveling, scraping, etc. for me! I'm a genius!!

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