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Jun 6, 2010
Coleman, Wi
I didn't start building my coop yet, hopefully in a couple weeks, and I don't quite understand about the poop boards. Where do you put them and how many. The boot trays sound like a great idea for cleaning. Does anyone have pictures inside the coop so I have some idea where to put them?
the poop board goes under the roosts. The idea being that chickens poop a lot while roosting, so a couple of times a week you can take them out give them a good wash and maybe disinfect and replace.

Hopefully you won't have to clean the coop as often.
I put my poop boards above the nest boxes to keep em clean. I also got some stick on 18x18 inch vinyl tiles to stick on the boards. Makes an easy swipe clean off everyday. here is a pic........
Here are pictures of mine:



In our big coop, the boot trays rest on a board held up by shelf supports. To make sure the trays don't tip if the birds perch on the edge on their way up to the roost, I have screwed a couple of small boards on the back of the coop wall just above the level of the boot tray when it's in place, like a lip.

In the small coop, the boot tray just sits on the floor.

I take the trays out every morning, take them over to my composter and dump/scrape out the contents. Then I give them a quick hose off and return them to the coop all cleaned. The process takes me all of 5 minutes.
SAme thing.

OK, thanks, I thought maybe I was missing something. I sprinkle sand from the floor on my poop board. It works, but I may cause it to evolve some more. Maybe some rails around the edges of the board so I can put deeper sand on it.

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