Poop on saddle feathers?!


5 Years
Oct 22, 2017
My Coop
My Coop
As I was free ranging my flock I noticed one of my Buff Orps had something brown on her saddle feathers...It smelled exactly like poop. But how could poop get up there? Did one of my roosters poop on her in the middle of mating? I’m confused and just hope this isn’t a medical issue. Also I hope this is the right forum, I wasn’t sure what to call it.
Her feathers look like hell, is she set to molt anytime soon?

Maybe the rooster stepped in poo before mounting her. Or maybe she is sleeping under where someone poos on her.. as seen on occasion in my Silkies. :sick

I don't suspect an actual medical issue. :fl
Yeah she’s starting to molt for the first time. Thanks!
My first thought is she might be roosting somewhere another chicken is pooping on her from above. I have seen that before with my chickens.

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