Poop questions...Oh my.

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    I used empty dvd and cd cases.

    BTW that is one brave and very nice friend you have.
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    At 1 week I put my quart waterer on a 1" lid turned up-side-down that was the same size as the waterer base. As they grew and kicked stuff in their water, I placed a glass saucer on top of the lid which was about every two days.

    Because the chicks start to dig, I placed a hunk of wood (2" x 6") about 12" wide for support with the saucers on top of that. That way some of the slower growing chicks can jump up and stand on the wood to drink if the want. I must be up to 6 or 7 saucers by now but the water stays much cleaner so I change it twice a day before and after work.

    Regarding poopy butts - I got my 10 chicks from my local feed store who had ordered from Privott. I got them the day after they arrived when the were 3-4 days old. Of the 10, 3 had pasty butts. Crusty, dried poop covering their vents. At first I tried the warm wet paper towels but it wasn't enough. I ended up holding them in one hand over the sink with barely warm water running and gently working the crusty part off. Then dried them with a towel until dried.

    After I put them back in the brooder, 2 of the 3 immediately leaned back and pooped a whole lot and fluffed their little wings as if to say 'man do I feel better'. I watched them close for the following week but no heavy crusting over the vent just the little dried stuff under the vent.

    Good luck with your chicks.

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