Pooping in egg box / no eggs laid


5 Years
Feb 10, 2014
Central, PA
These are my first hens, Lillian and Denise. Red sex links. I received them as 5 month olds and have had them for 4 weeks now.

The girls poop in their egg box. I read that you should plug it up for a while so they get into a different routine, so I do. When I've unblocked it, they fill it with poop again. Suggestions? What does the inside of your egg box look like?

Also, no eggs in site - of course they don't have a box to fully utilize either. Hmm...
Glad you joined us.

Where are your nest boxes in relationship to their roost? I ask because often when there is this problem it is because the nest boxes are higher than the roost. Chickens will generally try to roost at the highest point in the coop. (And they poop A LOT when they are roosting!)
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